Grant Application

Guidelines for Financial Assistance

The following are guidelines to be considered when submitting an application to Helping Challenged Children, Inc. (“HCCI”).  Availability of funds, cooperation and adherence to these guidelines will increase the likelihood that HCCI will be able to assist.

 Nominations must be prepared and submitted by a third party health care professional (i.e. doctor, nurse, physical therapist, social worker) who has verified the diagnosis and recommended need.

Recipients must be 18 years of age or younger.

The gift is to be individual in nature and for the benefit of the child for whom the request is made.  For example, requests for a new TV or air conditioner for the benefit of the family or carpeting of a building or clinic will be rejected.

The gift must enhance the quality of life for the child.  Some examples of gifts previously provided, in whole or in part, include the following: wheel chairs, leg braces, nebulizers, communication devices, hearing aids, orthopedic shoes, insulin pumps, digital blood pressure cuffs, learning devices, adaptive tricycles, therapy equipment, walkers.

There should be no insurance or other outside assistance available for the requested item(s).  If there are state funds or insurance available, please use this financial support so our focus can remain on children whose family resources are stretched.  If additional funds are needed to supplement funding from insurance or state funding, HCCI will consider the request for the uncovered portion.

All requests must be made using the HCCI Application form.  All sections of the application must be completed thoroughly and accurately in order for the organization to review the request.  Failure to provide complete and truthful information is a basis for denial.

HCCI reserves the right to examine the financial condition of any family to verify need.

Funds or payments will only be submitted directly to the supplier of the requested item(s), not the recipient.

If this application is approved, HCCI would like permission to use photographs, audio recordings, letters, or video tape of the applicant in printed materials, slideshows, publications, website or any other materials used my HCCI.

Our grant application is available to download via PDF:


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