Fourteen year old C.J. is autistic.  He is non-verbal and unable to express wants and needs, which led to some behavioral issues.  However, during school and therapy, C.J. responded well to the use of an iPad to better communicate with those around him.  His parents saw the positive impact this had, but were unable to afford an iPad for him at home.  Although both parents worked, with three children and recurring medical bills, an iPad was simply outside of what they could afford.  With some help from HCCI, C.J. now has the iPad he needs at home and is able to communicate what he wants and needs much more effectively!


Madison has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome as well as Epilepsy.  A special tricycle would help Madison  physically develop, as well as allow her some independence and mobility.  Madison is raised by her dad and step-mom, who are a blue collar, hard working family and despite best efforts, were unable to afford an adaptive tricycle.

HCCI was able to step in and help Madison get an adaptive tricycle, specifically fitted for her physical limitations.  For the first time, Madison was able to go on a walk in her neighborhood with her family, just like any other kid her age.


“To say these hearing aids are a true blessing is a HUGE understatement. When I dropped Nicholas off at the bus stop, he turned and said, “Mom, with my new aids, I will get all A’s now”.

– Cheryl, Nicholas’ mom


Dear HCCI,

On behalf of my family, we wanted to say thanks so much for purchasing the Rifton tricycle for our daughter, Ella. Although the weather hasn’t been great so far, we have been out a couple times and Ella really enjoys riding and pedaling. She will have a very fun summer of riding when the weather warms up. It is perfect to take along when our boys have a soccer practice and Ella and one of us can spend some quality time riding! Our boys even enjoy pushing her around. This will be very beneficial in her physical well­being as well as emotional.

Thanks again!!

The Spear Family

Aletha & Jake

Aletha and Jake come from a family of five children, where their mom and the three oldest children have hearing loss.  With so many hearing aids  for the family, it is hard to keep up with the cost of replacing and maintaing them for four people.  HCCI was able to help Aletha and Jake by providing them with new hearing aids.

Aletha says, “I can hear everything and understand my teacher. I am so thankful for my hearing aids!”  Her brother Jake says, “Thanks for my hearing aids! They are really improving my school work. It is so much easier to hear the sounds in spelling. Thanks to Hear Indiana and HCCI, I have better hearing!”


Taylor was able to pedal an adapted tricycle on her own, however she did not have the balance or strength to ride a commercially available tricycle.  Taylor has Down Syndrome and several developmental delays.  Speech therapy and riding an adapted tricycle are two therapies that help Taylor grow, develop and thrive as a little girl.  Taylor’s mom works full time, but her insurance and Medicaid wouldn’t cover this type of equipment for home use.  HCCI was able to fill this gap and get Taylor a tricycle that was specially fitted to her needs and will grow with her for many years to come.  Now Taylor enjoys riding around her neighborhood and is building strength and confidence as she does so.


Eric has very high frequency hearing loss and needed new hearing aids, but Medicare would not cover the cost.  With some help from HCCI, Eric was able to receive the new hearing aids he needed.  Eric is getting along great with his the new aids and his mom is thankful there was someone who was able to help Eric get the equipment he needed to thrive as a little boy.


Meet four year old Therese and see her new power wheel chair.  Watch the video of Therese using her chair and how excited she was for the help that HCCI was able to give her!



Five year old Ethan just wanted to ride his bike with his brothers.  His family was unable to pay for the adaptive and therapeutic tricycle he needed and insurance wouldn’t cover it.  The use of the tricycle would  increase flexibility in arms and legs, prevent contractures, improve strength, and improve endurance and lung function.  Ethan and his family spend alot of time outdoors and camp most of the summer.  A tricycle is something that would allow Ethan to play with his brother and cousins and be independent while doing so.  Ethan has been described as a very outgoing, determined little boy.  He enjoys being outside with his two older brothers and enjoys camping and fishing.  HCCI was able to make Ethan’s wish come true and he can now ride around the campground with his brothers.



Meg has been hard of hearing since she was born.  She received her first set of hearing aids when she was in kindergarten.  Now an 8th grader, Meg still had her original hearing aids and had made them last twice as long as they are usually used.  Technology has advanced in the past few years and the newer hearing aids have an increased ability to reduce background noise.  They also offers blue tooth ability for technology assistance in school, such as with headsets and e-learning.  Meg is off to high school next year and learning is at a much faster pace.  HCCI was able to help Meg get new hearing aids so she is able to adapt and keep up with her classmates.