Stories of Giving

Since 2002, HCCI has been able to donate more than $150,000 to help more than 150 children in need.  We rely on the generous donations that come from you to assist those in need.

Candidates come from all over the state – South Bend to Jeffersonville, Richmond to Terre Haute, Indianapolis area and everywhere in between. Have a candidate in mind? Click our Grant Application page for details.

Eric has very high frequency hearing loss and needed new hearing aids, but Medicare would not cover the cost.  With
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Meet four year old Therese and see her new power wheel chair.  Watch the video of Therese using her chair
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Five year old Ethan just wanted to ride his bike with his brothers.  His family was unable to pay for
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Meg has been hard of hearing since she was born.  She received her first set of hearing aids when she
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Emma is autistic with delayed motor and cognitive skills.  She used an adaptive tricycles during therapy, but only for one
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Thank You Frito Lay!
For the last several years, Frito Lay has been a major supporter of HCCI by donating memorabilia items to our
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Special Thanks to Frito Lay
For the last several years, Frito Lay has supported HCCI by either donating memorabilia items to our fundraising efforts or
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One year old Ezekial needed more than just his physical therapy.  Leg braces were essential in helping him move and
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