Audrey is a seven-year-old with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy affects a person’s body movement and muscle coordination, along with their muscle tone and control. Due to this, Audrey uses a walker, but has begun to walk some without the aid of her walker. In therapy sessions, Audrey has found success pedaling an adaptive tricycle. Audrey’s parents wanted to get her an adaptive trike so she could continue working outside of therapy.

Like so many other kids, the family’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of an adaptive trike. HCCI helped by purchasing the trike for them and now Audrey can work on her therapy and enjoy going on bike rides with her family.

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Chase is a 14-year-old who enjoys being outside and riding a bicycle. An adaptive tricycle would benefit Chase, who has autism. The adaptive trike would give him extra assistance with steering and added safety with a seat belt. Having an adaptive trike would also allow Chase to participate in an age-appropriate activity with his family.

Chase’s family wanted to purchase the trike for him; however, their insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. HCCI stepped in and bought the trike for the family. Now Chase can spend more time outside with his family.

If you want to help children like Chase, consider giving the gift of a financial donation to HCCI.


Jonathan is a ten-year-old who has diagnosis of cerebral palsy, autism, and pervasive developmental disorder. A Kidlite Barrel would help provide Jonathan therapy for these diagnoses. By using the barrel, Johnathan will develop his balance and coordination skills as well as gain trunk strength. The barrel also allows Johnathan to satisfy his desire of spin-vestibular input, which helps brain stimulation and can be calming for someone with autism.

However, his family’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of a Kidlite Barrel. HCCI stepped in to buy the barrel for Jonathan. Now he can work more on his therapy and build up his coordination and balance.

If you want to help children like Jonathan, consider making a monetary donation to HCCI.


George is an 18-year-old who has Down syndrome and moderate mental retardation. Riding a bicycle helps George increase his physical activity and overall health, but a traditional bicycle doesn’t provide the extra support he needs. An adaptive tricycle like the Miami Sun 3-wheel bicycle would not only give George extra support and increased physical activity, but also would also help increase his motor skills and therapeutic value.

However, his family’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the adaptive trike. HCCI stepped in and purchased the trike for George so now he can increase his physical activity and work on his therapeutic and motor skills.

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Elise has Down Syndrome and struggles with motor activities and her physical endurance. She cannot fit on a toddler tricycle, but also cannot keep her balance on a children’s bicycle. An adaptive tricycle lets Elise overcome the issues that tricycles and bicycles bring her by helping her increase her muscle strength and develop better coordination. Her insurance and Medicaid plans wouldn’t help pay for the tricycle, so HCCI stepped in to purchase the tricycle for Elise. Now she can work on her muscle strength and coordination as she joins her sisters and neighbors on bike rides around the neighborhood! 


Yahnatan is a 5-year-old diagnosed with autism. Kids with autism can perceive sound, sight, and touch more sensitively, which can cause sensory overload. When Yahnatan experiences sensory overload, he takes to chewing items to calm himself. In the past, Yahnatan has bitten off buttons from his school clothes when trying to calm himself.

Chewing necklaces would benefit Yahnatan by allowing him to continue the chewing that calms him while also allowing him to be safe. However, his family’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the necklaces. HCCI assisted in purchasing the chewing necklaces for Yahnatan so he can have a better chewing alternative when calming himself.

If you want to help children like Yahnatan, consider becoming a one-time or regular volunteer or giving a financial gift.


Hayden is a 9-year-old with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy affects body movement and muscle functions such as coordination, tone, and control. Hayden has decreased coordination when walking. An adaptive tricycle like the R130 Medium Tricycle would help Hayden improve his strength and coordination. His family wanted him to have this adaptive tricycle so he could join them in outdoor activities.

However, insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the tricycle. With the help of HCCI, Hayden’s family received the tricycle, and now Hayden can join them in outdoor activities.

If you want to help children like Hayden, consider supporting HCCI through a monetary donation  today!


Peyton was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome which causes a range of developmental issues including learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. A dedicated iPad would help him develop his communication skills, as well as visual cues, reading and writing. 

Peyton is a very active boy and found it difficult to communicate with his family, teachers and other support staff.  Thanks to HCCI, Peyton loves his new iPad and practices his letter and number formations. It helps him to learn, as well as relax and cope when he feels overstimulated.


Dear Staff at Helping Challenged Children,
I am writing you to thank you for the amazing AmTryke bike my son Tommy received with the help of your organization. Tommy is nine years old and has Down syndrome. He has very low muscle tone and has been receiving physical therapy since he was a baby. Even with this extra help, he didn’t walk until he was four, and still needs therapy to work on muscle strength, coordination and endurance. His therapist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Miswawaka, Indiana has been working with him to ride a trike for the past several years. He has made progress, but only has therapy twice a month, and hasn’t had a chance to practice in between, because we could not afford to get him the special trike he needed. Our therapist told us about Helping Challenged Children, and offered to write a grant for the trike.
I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have received the AmTryke- it’s amazing! Tommy has been riding it in our neighborhood every day! For years, he has watched his older brother and the other children in the neighborhood out on their bikes, and has not been able to join in. We are so excited that he can now get out and ride like all of the other children! Besides having fun, his therapist says it will be great for him to increase his endurance.
Please accept our deepest thanks for this wonderful gift, and may God Bless you for the work you do. We could never done this without your help. 
Mary and John O’Callaghan
Parents of Tommy, Age 9