Yahnatan is a 5-year-old diagnosed with autism. Kids with autism can perceive sound, sight, and touch more sensitively, which can cause sensory overload. When Yahnatan experiences sensory overload, he takes to chewing items to calm himself. In the past, Yahnatan has bitten off buttons from his school clothes when trying to calm himself.

Chewing necklaces would benefit Yahnatan by allowing him to continue the chewing that calms him while also allowing him to be safe. However, his family’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the necklaces. HCCI assisted in purchasing the chewing necklaces for Yahnatan so he can have a better chewing alternative when calming himself.

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Hayden is a 9-year-old with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy affects body movement and muscle functions such as coordination, tone, and control. Hayden has decreased coordination when walking. An adaptive tricycle like the R130 Medium Tricycle would help Hayden improve his strength and coordination. His family wanted him to have this adaptive tricycle so he could join them in outdoor activities.

However, insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the tricycle. With the help of HCCI, Hayden’s family received the tricycle, and now Hayden can join them in outdoor activities.

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Peyton was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome which causes a range of developmental issues including learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. A dedicated iPad would help him develop his communication skills, as well as visual cues, reading and writing. 

Peyton is a very active boy and found it difficult to communicate with his family, teachers and other support staff.  Thanks to HCCI, Peyton loves his new iPad and practices his letter and number formations. It helps him to learn, as well as relax and cope when he feels overstimulated.


Dear Staff at Helping Challenged Children,
I am writing you to thank you for the amazing AmTryke bike my son Tommy received with the help of your organization. Tommy is nine years old and has Down syndrome. He has very low muscle tone and has been receiving physical therapy since he was a baby. Even with this extra help, he didn’t walk until he was four, and still needs therapy to work on muscle strength, coordination and endurance. His therapist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Miswawaka, Indiana has been working with him to ride a trike for the past several years. He has made progress, but only has therapy twice a month, and hasn’t had a chance to practice in between, because we could not afford to get him the special trike he needed. Our therapist told us about Helping Challenged Children, and offered to write a grant for the trike.
I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have received the AmTryke- it’s amazing! Tommy has been riding it in our neighborhood every day! For years, he has watched his older brother and the other children in the neighborhood out on their bikes, and has not been able to join in. We are so excited that he can now get out and ride like all of the other children! Besides having fun, his therapist says it will be great for him to increase his endurance.
Please accept our deepest thanks for this wonderful gift, and may God Bless you for the work you do. We could never done this without your help. 
Mary and John O’Callaghan
Parents of Tommy, Age 9


Jaylen is 6 years old and nonverbal. This is attributed to diagnoses, which include Down syndrome, autism, and expressive-receptive language disorder. Expressive-receptive language disorder is when a child has trouble expressing themselves and and understanding what others are saying.  It can also reduce the ability to have a conversation and reduce the ability to form sentences.

Jaylen has made little progress with communicating through sign language and the use of pictures. An app for the iPad called LAMP Words for Life along with a keyboard would help Jaylen communicate daily and increase social participation at school and home.  Jaylen’s family’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the iPad, app, and iPad accessories; however, HCCI purchased the items for Jaylen.  

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Karsten is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. While autism affects each child differently, some common behaviors people with autism have include difficulty with social interactions and relationships, difficulty with communication skills, and trouble adapting to changes in their routine.

Karsten’s family knew that an Acrobat Swing would benefit him. This swing would help him with strengthening, motor planning (the ability to plan and carry out motor tasks), and calming or alerting him. However, his family’s insurance wouldn’t pay for the swing. HCCI was able to help Karsten and his family by purchasing the swing when other avenues failed. 

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Brooklyn is not able to ride a traditional bicycle due to limitations with her mobility that come from diagnoses of microcephaly and Triple X Syndrome. Triple X Syndrome include weak muscle tone and problems with fine and gross motor skills. Even though an adaptive tricycle would benefit Brooklyn, her family couldn’t afford it due to other health expenses.

HCCI was able to purchase an adaptive tricycle for Brooklyn. Now she is able to ride a bike and participate in family activities such as walks and bike rides in the neighborhood.


My grandson, Quentin, just received a new iPad this week from your organization.   We are so grateful for your generosity. Quentin is nonverbal and uses his iPad to communicate with the ProLoquo2Go software. His current iPad is on the way out and some of the features are not working.  We feared that his iPad would crash and thus, he’d lose his ability to communicate.    

Using the iPad, Quentin can communicate his wants and needs. This picture is of him deciding what he wants to choose for a snack. He first chooses “I want” and then the item.

We are so thrilled that he has been able to use the iPad to communicate. It’s used at school as well. Thank you so much for providing this iPad to Quentin.

Mary Ann Harrison (Quentin’s Grandma)