Dear HCCI,

On behalf of my family, we wanted to say thanks so much for purchasing the Rifton tricycle for our daughter, Ella. Although the weather hasn’t been great so far, we have been out a couple times and Ella really enjoys riding and pedaling. She will have a very fun summer of riding when the weather warms up. It is perfect to take along when our boys have a soccer practice and Ella and one of us can spend some quality time riding! Our boys even enjoy pushing her around. This will be very beneficial in her physical well­being as well as emotional.

Thanks again!!

The Spear Family


Ella needed an adaptive tricycle to help develop her motor skills but only had access to one during her physical therapy session one hour per week.  Owning a tricycle for home use would augment her development and develop independence.  

Ella uses her new bicycle all the time and it has greatly enhanced her development, both socially and physically.


Michael is a 7-year-old who has autism. He is also nonverbal, which is due to his autism. Even though Michael cannot speak, he can still communicate through special software. The software, called Proloquo2Go, allows Michael to communicate through the use of symbols. This program can be downloaded onto an Apple product.

Michael’s family wanted to purchase Proloquo2Go along with an iPod touch and case, but their insurance wouldn’t cover the total cost of these items. HCCI purchased the items and now Michael can have his own voice.

If you want to help kids like Michael, consider volunteering your time to HCCI.