Carson is autistic and does not verbally communicate. He requires a device to express his needs and wants, as well as feelings such as anger, pain or joy.  Carson could only communicate with others via an iPad and software specialized in assisting autistic individuals with communication and expression.

Carson’s parents work full-time as well as care for Carson and his two siblings, including an autistic brother.  Psychiatric appointments, medications, special services and general care have placed the family under financial strain.  HCCI providing Carson with the iPad and required software has helped him significantly and made it significantly easier to communicate with his family and friends.

Aletha & Jake

Aletha and Jake come from a family of five children, where their mom and the three oldest children have hearing loss.  With so many hearing aids  for the family, it is hard to keep up with the cost of replacing and maintaing them for four people.  HCCI was able to help Aletha and Jake by providing them with new hearing aids.

Aletha says, “I can hear everything and understand my teacher. I am so thankful for my hearing aids!”  Her brother Jake says, “Thanks for my hearing aids! They are really improving my school work. It is so much easier to hear the sounds in spelling. Thanks to Hear Indiana and HCCI, I have better hearing!”