Taylor was able to pedal an adapted tricycle on her own, however she did not have the balance or strength to ride a commercially available tricycle.  Taylor has Down Syndrome and several developmental delays.  Speech therapy and riding an adapted tricycle are two therapies that help Taylor grow, develop and thrive as a little girl.  Taylor’s mom works full time, but her insurance and Medicaid wouldn’t cover this type of equipment for home use.  HCCI was able to fill this gap and get Taylor a tricycle that was specially fitted to her needs and will grow with her for many years to come.  Now Taylor enjoys riding around her neighborhood and is building strength and confidence as she does so.


Eric has very high frequency hearing loss and needed new hearing aids, but Medicare would not cover the cost.  With some help from HCCI, Eric was able to receive the new hearing aids he needed.  Eric is getting along great with his the new aids and his mom is thankful there was someone who was able to help Eric get the equipment he needed to thrive as a little boy.