Meet four year old Therese and see her new power wheel chair.  Watch the video of Therese using her chair and how excited she was for the help that HCCI was able to give her!



Five year old Ethan just wanted to ride his bike with his brothers.  His family was unable to pay for the adaptive and therapeutic tricycle he needed and insurance wouldn’t cover it.  The use of the tricycle would  increase flexibility in arms and legs, prevent contractures, improve strength, and improve endurance and lung function.  Ethan and his family spend alot of time outdoors and camp most of the summer.  A tricycle is something that would allow Ethan to play with his brother and cousins and be independent while doing so.  Ethan has been described as a very outgoing, determined little boy.  He enjoys being outside with his two older brothers and enjoys camping and fishing.  HCCI was able to make Ethan’s wish come true and he can now ride around the campground with his brothers.



Meg has been hard of hearing since she was born.  She received her first set of hearing aids when she was in kindergarten.  Now an 8th grader, Meg still had her original hearing aids and had made them last twice as long as they are usually used.  Technology has advanced in the past few years and the newer hearing aids have an increased ability to reduce background noise.  They also offers blue tooth ability for technology assistance in school, such as with headsets and e-learning.  Meg is off to high school next year and learning is at a much faster pace.  HCCI was able to help Meg get new hearing aids so she is able to adapt and keep up with her classmates.